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Subtitle Burn After Reading

It's all very well being awarded 10 badges and 52 likes for my discussion on Sky's totally unacceptable subtitles which have caused widespread dissatisfaction for years. But Sky have done absolutely nothing to correct this urgent requirement to address the issue. I'm stone deaf in one ear and have severely impaired hearing in my good ear. I am totally dependent on subtitles. A vast mumber of Sky Community have been complaining about the ridiculous large size of the subs, their intrusive position on the TV screen and the solid black background box which adds to the insult especially when they obliterate the faces of zoomed in presenters of news programmes etc. Just look at Papers on BBC as an example of this infuriating issue. The subtitles in their present form are also a major contributory factor of of burn-in on OLED screens. I implore you once again to take some positive action to rectify this everlasting problem.

subtitle Burn After Reading


How can we go about actually getting this to change. I have tinnitus and struggle to hear so many words so I need subtitles. Sky don't seem to be listening to anything we're dating or reading anything on this forum for that matter. I've written to them using a couple of different email addresses I found. One was for complaints and another for communications or something like that. It's crazy that they don't reply to or acknowledge anything. I have to watch the TV with large subtitles with a black background stone dead in the middle of the screen sometimes blocking out peoples faces. Incredible

I downloaded a foreign film movie, which said that subtitles were included. I burned it to DVD I then tried to watch it. The image and sound is beautiful but no subtitles. So I took a look at the download folder and it has, separate from the avi file containing the movie, a file called "", which I opened with text editor and can see that it contains the subtitles and where they go, in a form like this "13 00:03:36,591 --> 00:03:39,343 English translation text". I've just now figured out that the .srt file extension refers to SubRip. Still, I haven't a clue how to integrate into the downloaded file the subtitles. Can anyone give me a step-by-step explanation of how to add the subtitles to the film? I am using an imac running snow leopard. I use toast titanium for burning.-- (talk) 03:29, 2 January 2011 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Although people use the terms subtitles and captions interchangeably, they began as two separate entities. Soon after the development of sound films, filmmakers began subtitling to translate dialogue or narration into different languages. 041b061a72

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