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The Recording Revolution] Mixing With Stock Plugins _BEST_

Graham Cochrane is recording and mixing engineer who has been in the business for over 16 years. Primarily, he has a blog and a YouTube channel where he makes most of his content. He makes money through selling online courses that guide interested visitors on how to record and mix music so that it sounds similar to what can be heard on the radio.

The Recording Revolution] Mixing with Stock Plugins

Graham discovered his passion for recording music in high school. On realizing that he could go to school to study music, he decided to get a degree doing just that. In college, he amassed a lot of music-based knowledge, made some records and attempted to get signed as an artist through the connections that he had with little success.

Seeing that Graham continued to channel more of his time and effort into sound mixing, his wife encouraged him to start blogging in order to get the word about what he did with his clients to potentially generate interest and get people to send him files to work on. He also had a lot of friends that were musicians who wanted his advice on everything from the exact equipment they should use in making music to tips on how to improve their sound. These factors led him to venture into blogging as a resource.

With Total Home Recording, Graham shows you how to go from rough ideas to final produced tracks all from a home studio perspective. It is a step-by-step tutorial that shows you exactly how he records bands.Some of the areas covered include session setup, getting your instruments to sound their best, mic placement, and harnessing the power of your plugins to get better sounding recordings. Here is a sample of what you can expect to find inside Total Home Recording.

When you sign up for the Audio Income Project, you will receive the Audio Income Guide in PDF form. In summary, the guide covers the four steps to follow so as to make an income through recording, mixing, or producing, which are as follows:

Also included are foundational techniques and creative mixing ideas that you can experiment with to enhance your sound. The products are straightforward and easy to navigate even as a total beginner. The only downside of Recording Revolution is that it may prove too basic for advanced music makers, but even then, there are some useful tips that you can use to freshen up your techniques.

My guest on the show today is Graham Cochrane a musician, mix engineer, and audio blogger. Graham has built a very successful career recording and releasing both his own records and mixing for clients in many different genres.

And when you are truly ready to invest in yourself and your recordings you can also check out the in depth training courses that Graham offers. He has created complete video courses called the Rethink series to take you through different aspects of recording and mixing.

A - The first thing I would do is get a job. All I would need is a laptop, a 2-channel usb interface, large-diaphragm condenser and a dynamic mic like an Shure SM57. I would be fine with the stock plugins on the DAW. Then I would just go to where music is happening and offer to record people for free. You need money to stay in this business, so a job is nothing to be ashamed of. Then you can pocket all the profits you make recording.

Like any good podcast you can take this one anywhere with you and it's like having an old friend there. This is largely due to the host Lij's wonderful manner - warm and playful, and self-deprecating almost to a fault. Personality aside, it is clear that Lij possesses a wealth of experience and knowledge extending to all areas of sound, recording and production. He also has a wonderful range of guests on the show, so rather than just listen to engineer after engineer talk gear, you might one day hear an acoustician talking spaces, and the next a songwriter talking processes and giving practical tips. And of course there are a couple of engineers in the mix (excuse the pun). And what might at times seem highbrow and beyond the reach of many aspiring students of recording, Lij is able to condense into simple 'take-aways' - a credit to his broad understanding of all things sonic, but also to the needs of (some of) his audience. Thanks a lot Lij and keep up the great work!

So glad I stumbled upon RSR and this killer community. Lij is an expert conversationalist with a deep love for music and recording (and some incredible guests) - I love the honesty and accessibility of his work. Are you ready to rock???

This is actually the 1st Podcast I'm reviewing (which says a lot) because it's THE BEST ONE FOR RECORDING/MIXING/MASTERING! I've been listening to Lij's Podcast for the past 6 mos or so and I'm hooked! I'm a drummer and have a jam band here in Denver, CO. I started recording my band on a handheld recorded about 6 years ago, moved to multitracking in Garageband and have been a Logic Pro X user for the past 3 or so years. Needless to say, I've caught the recording/mixing bug and my skills have been steadily improving thanks to all those that share their knowledge. Thanks for this Lij!!!

This podcast has proven to be an absolutely invaluable resource. I am slowly filling up a notebook with ideas, websites, interesting people to look up, plugins to check out and all kinds of other amazing resources. I highly recommend it to anyone with an interest in the production side of the music business. Thanks Lij, keep up the good work!

Lij's podcast brings lots of cool studio and recording folks onboard for super-cool discussions and great tips, recommendations and fun, useful anecdotes. A real must for folks who get off on studio stuff. Just the right amount of gear talk mixed in with stories and revealed personalities and a dose of reality that come with the studio life. Super awesome personality from host Lij Shaw brings this podcast into the stratosphere. Couldn't be happier with a podcase than I am with this one. Incredible content!

This is a 10 star podcast!!!Packed with info of the recording studio world. Get you inside the walls of the studio with awesome information on how to start, run and succeed in the music business of studio recording. A very big Thank you Lij

This podcast is by a seasoned audio engineer that really knows what he's talking about and conveys very articulately. Each episode features a different engineer to discuss technique, mixing, tracking, gear, even the business side of music production. And presenter Lij, is very humble and communicates well and interacts well with his guests. Even though the episodes are quite long they're jam-packed with tips and good advice. I learn a lot every episode!Thanks so much Lij!

This sounds like an overstatement, but it's not. That's what this has been for me. Lij Shaw interviews people in the business of recording, mixing, mastering, production, songwriting and all things "recording studio". In addition to his own studio chops and experience, he has developed an excellent talent for interviewing the other pros, drawing out the classic tales of missteps, mayhem and meant-to-be happy accidents. Nostalgia, humor and minutiae pervade, but so do legitimate insider tips and tricks. Not all guests are created equal, but on the rare near-snoozers, I find myself listening more to Lij and cheering him on. Thanks to Lij and the different pros that he has exposed his listeners to, I have actually learned how to mix songs. I'm still learning, but suddenly finishing a long lost dream to release my own solo album is within my grasp. If you are interested in recording music, tune in to this podcast. Listen and learn. Lij rocks!

Lij Shaw's Recording Studio Rockstars podcast has quickly become one of my favorite recording-related podcasts.Lij is a passionate and experienced studio owner and engineer, based in Nashville, setting him apart from the scores of turkeys focused primarily on driving site traffic, ad revenue, and subscriptions.The RSR interview with Vance Powell is one of the best ever; a must-listen!

Not only that Lij is a great recording and mixing engineer who not only is willing but loves to share his knowledge - he is also a great host and facilitator when he talks to his Podcast guests. Highly recommended, very entertaining but also very informative if you are interested in audio recording and mixing.

Gets better with every episode. This has become a new go-to audio production podcast. Lij balances technique, business and the fun of mixing and recording so well. I always take something away from each episode.

For me this is the best podcast for anyone into audio recording and mixing. It covers decades of recording history stories which are also translated into the digital era where we live in now. The podcast includes real life tips and tricks from experienced engineer on different levels (technical, personal and business). And not to forget, Lij is a great host :)

I've had the huge privilege to work with Lij and learn from his many years of experience. I'm so stoked to have this podcast as another resource for honing my craft! Lij always has insightful guests and useful tips that you can instantly apply to your workflow. If you're serious about recording and mixing this is one podcast you need to follow!

A lot of studio podcasts are done by people who like to talk about recording, and that's cool but Lidge is in the trenches full-time his knowledge is gained from experience. I find the podcasts insightful and helpful with real situations. Interesting guests allow a nice look into the inner workings of recording. Two thumbs up! Way to go! thanks for sharing the information. Mk

Like few other recording engineers, Lij actually takes the time to be thorough and to make sure both new students and seasoned professionals grasp the concepts he is teaching. This guy has more tricks in his bag than the great Houdini and the best part is that he's willing to share them with us. This is more than just a podcast, it's a Treasure Trove of invaluable information that has changed the way I engineer and brought me to new levels of thinking about my studio and what it actually means to be an engineer. Lij is most definitely part guru!

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