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Cyborg 1989 BluRay Hindi 11

Opening to an odd-looking bunch of characters doing funky moves in a subway, we're introduced to a guy named Visser, a suave, African-American talk-show host, as well as a guy named Wade, a live-action input board with a creepy face who's responsible for the subway. They're driving a strange-looking contraption, which turns out to be a giant, sentient scythe. When things start going crazy, everyone in the subway is mutated into cyborgs with robotic, killing powers. Visser wants to kidnap Deborah and deliver her to a secret lab, and she joins him, even though she's in love with Wade and is probably going to be killed anyway. The set-up of the movie sounds almost too preposterous to work -- but the acting and moves are surprisingly solid. They manage to create tension without relying on cheap scare tactics, and the special effects are good -- especially the fight between Van Damme and the killer cyborg, which is more interesting than most fight scenes in recent science fiction movies.

Cyborg 1989 BluRay Hindi 11

As it begins, we're told that the movie isn't a remake of the 1982 Japanese anime movie "Ghost in the Shell." Instead, it's an American version that "is not necessarily an adaptation of any previous works" (i.e., the original anime flick). The various brands of bots in the film are all based on something in real life -- the "UGO," the "SCTV," the "Q-band," and so on. The "motors" aren't robots; they're a form of viral infection. Visser's one of the science-minded one, who studies them to get together with a scientist named Watson (specifically, the human form of IBM's Watson supercomputer). There's a lot of talk about how computers or networks or people or their creations are part of a larger whole. The movie gets further into things than the anime movie did. When the proceedings are done for the day, we see some of the end of the movie back in the present. The bad guys from the Golan-Globus Productions science fiction flick are now cyborgs -- and they're killing off the good guys. Now, there are two main points about this movie. It's a serious movie in the same category as that 1982 Japanese anime flick. The second point has to do with its references and interpretations of various things that have actually occurred in the past, such as the original movie, the anime, books, songs, movies, etc. They don't just say so in the film, they explicitly say so.

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