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Nicholas Hill
Nicholas Hill

Ride 2 on Steam

Hard to beat a modern mountain bike for fast road and gravel, is my main preference, but having not ridden a cross bike I can't comment there. Check out the entire Surly range on Ride 2: If you have any questions about this or anything else, please don't hesitate to ask!

Ride 2 Limited Edition Bikes Pack Download Windows 8

If you want to shop and possibly test ride a few bikes, bring $20 to spend on food, I will give you a hang-out card to write your name on when you get back, it is good for 10 days. Just drop it in my locker. I will give you an email. Then if you find a bike you like you can pay the rest of the money via email if you want. I will cover the transport back to the store. If you want to buy more than one bike, you have to come by the store first, cash and a hang-out card, and then pick them up. For bikes over $500 I will cover shipping too.

In my experience I have ridden the Thorn hardtail, Troll and Roadmaster. I have also ridden the Surly Troll. I like the Troll bike. Its light weight, is easy to use, good handling, comfy and compact. It's the only bike that I would need to alter a major design decision on because the Troll uses a longer front end and is 9kg heavier. In terms of easy to use, most of the day I was using the Troll as my road bike. The only issue is that the Troll is not a full suspension. I just use it as a fixie when going down hill, if thats what you are into. The other issue with the Troll is that its not that comfortable for long road rides. The other thing is its a little bit of a nightmare to get in and out of the saddle, theres no way you can hop up on to the saddle and get into the top tube, unlike the other road bikes I've ridden.

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