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Happy 1 Year Anniversary To The Relaunch Of Darknet

Providing analysts with the ability to gather Dark-Web data anonymously has been a longstanding aspect of what we do, but a new partnership is set to take the darknet capabilities of Social Links solutions into the stratosphere. We are happy to announce a collaboration with the industry-leading Dark-Web data provider DarkOwl.

Happy 1 Year Anniversary to the Relaunch of Darknet


The relaunch saw the return of Tony Stark, Steve Rogers, Logan, Odinson and Bruce Banner to their classic identities of Iron Man, Captain America, Wolverine, Thor and Hulk respectively after all these characters had been replaced by legacy heroes in recent times. For example, Tony Stark ended up in a coma in Civil War II, and his armor was donned by both reborn-villain Doctor Doom in Infamous Iron Man and fifteen-year-old genius Riri Williams (who took on the codename Ironheart) in Invincible Iron Man; Sam Wilson, a longtime ally of Captain America as Falcon, had taken the mantle in All-New Captain America; Laura Kinney, the female clone of Logan who is also viewed as Logan's daughter, became the Wolverine in All-New Wolverine; Jane Foster, a longtime love interest of Thor, became 'Mighty Thor' in Thor vol. 4; Bruce Banner died in Civil War II, with Amadeus Cho becoming the 'Totally Awesome Hulk'.

After DC Comics' relaunch of Action Comics and Detective Comics with new No. 1 issues in 2011, it had been the highest-numbered American comic still in circulation until it was cancelled. The title ended its 50-year run as a continuously published comic with the landmark issue #700 in December 2012. It was replaced by The Superior Spider-Man as part of the Marvel NOW! relaunch of Marvel's comic lines.[1]

Volume 3 of The Amazing Spider-Man was published in April 2014, following the conclusion of The Superior Spider-Man story arc. In late 2015, the series was relaunched with a 4th volume, following the 2015 Secret Wars event. The 5th volume began in 2018, as part of Marvel's Fresh Start series of comic relaunches. The 6th volume began in April 2022 to celebrate Spider-Man's 60th anniversary.

The Amazing Spider-Man has been the character's flagship series for his first fifty years in publication, and was the only monthly series to star Spider-Man until Peter Parker, The Spectacular Spider-Man, in 1976, although 1972 saw the debut of Marvel Team-Up, with the vast majority of issues featuring Spider-Man along with a rotating cast of other Marvel characters. Most of the major characters and villains of the Spider-Man saga have been introduced in Amazing, and with few exceptions, it is where most key events in the character's history have occurred. The title was published continuously until No. 441 (Nov. 1998)[3] when Marvel Comics relaunched it as vol. 2 No. 1 (Jan. 1999),[4] but on Spider-Man's 40th anniversary, this new title reverted to using the numbering of the original series, beginning again with issue No. 500 (Dec. 2003) and lasting until the final issue, No. 700 (Feb. 2013).[5]

In January 2022, it was announced that writer Zeb Wells and John Romita Jr. would be working on a relaunched The Amazing Spider-Man, bringing the number of volumes for the title to its sixth, with the series beginning in April 2022. The relaunch encompasses both a legacy numbering of #900 as well as the 60th anniversary for the character. It will also have a crossover event, entitled Dark Web, with Chasm having teamed up with Madelyne Pryor to bring limbo to Earth.

Founder and CEO of Meetcaregivers. I have over 10+ years' experience in elder care, working as a caregiver and a care manager. After getting my MBA at Babson College, I joined Bank of America but left to launch Meetcaregivers with the idea that tech can be used to mitigate caregiver challenges that seniors struggle with. At Meetcaregivers, our goal is to enable millions of seniors to age happy and healthy at home.

As the title would suggest, Fresh Start is intended to be a new starting point for many fans of both old readers and newcomers, and was done to make the line more in-tune with what their readers wanted, as opposed to previous attempts to broaden their appeal to wider audiences with mixed results. The relaunch sees many changes via returning to old status quos that previous relaunches shook up, creators leaving titles after long runs (Dan Slott leaving Spider-Man after a decade, Gerry Duggan leaving Deadpool after six years) in favor of being moved to new titles, and an increase in Marvel Digital Originals. The line also sees the Fantastic Four make their grand return, after having their series canceled in 2015.

After spending several years in what some called a creative decline, Fresh Start was a success, akin to DC Rebirth. Tellingly, the relaunch continued into 2019 with no signs of slowing down, instead focusing on establishing a proper status quo instead of yet another relaunch.

2009 was also when Smosh started to collaborate with other YouTubers. They had done it a few times previously, but since then, Smosh has collaborated with dozens of YouTubers from different genres and subscriber counts. Additionally, 2009 was a year where many video series first appeared on their channels such as "Worst of 20--", "Best of 20--" and "If --- Were Real". In 2010, Smosh made a video roasting the Pokemon company for deleting their "Pokemon Theme" video while in the tune of the "Pokemon Theme" song. This video was also made because it was the five year anniversary of the Smosh YouTube channel.

New apps became more common throughout 2014, especially Food Battle: The Game which came out on November 19, the Smosh channel's nine-year anniversary. They donated 10% of the fund to charity. Merchandise and Smosh products (calendars etc.) became more prevalent this year and every year since. Smosh has since taken part in things outside of YouTube and gained more recognition, such as getting rated the most popular people among US teens in 2014 by Variety, being temporary presenters in the Teens Choice Awards, being on Nickelodeon's Awesomeness TV show, TMZ and MTV's Ridiculousness, along with being guests on several radio shows.

2015 was also the first time where Ian or Anthony wasn't on an original Smosh video, as "Every Blank Ever" is mostly reserved for Keith, Noah, Shayne, Olivia, and Courtney. In late 2015, they celebrated their 10 year anniversary by having a week's worth of content relating to the anniversary on all their channels. They also had a party where everyone was welcome.

There has been a dedicated campaign in Surry County to combat litter along roadways for several years after a hiatus from an earlier such effort. Since its relaunch the initiative has gotten a snazzy new Keep Surry Clean logo made by a local student, but what it has not captured is the passion of residents.

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