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Nicholas Hill
Nicholas Hill

Create Stunning Videos, Images, Animations, and More with Digital Playground Premium Creator v2.4

The Kendall Park Neighbourhood Association in Halifax, Nova Scotia, is creating a Living Playground on a 5.3 acre (21,780 m2) site, designed for children and families. The site is divided into four sections: a Squash and Tennis Pavilion, a Community-led Tree Grove, a flood-proof Civic Plaza, and a community-run playground. Donate time or money for the playground.

Digital Playground Premium Creator v2.4

The new Playgrounds encourages students to explore their interest, to develop skills, to better understand the world and to become active, confident citizens. Playgrounds also promote healthy habits in children, such as physical activity, social skills and learning. Not only do they get more physical exercise, but also increase socialization opportunities.

For over 18 years, the ARP Omni has been the standard multi-timbral analogue and digital synthesizer for film, TV, commercial, and studio recordings. And now it has been reborn as the ARP Omni II. The ARP Omni II, (ARP's second synth) is a true digital monosynth with classic Pro One/Omni controls, and revolutionary software that gives you all the power of the ARP Omni, but with unlimited scaleability, and the versatility of a digital synth. Plus, intuitive and powerful software lets you access, save and customize it all just like a real analog instrument.

Players at the North East Music School in New York City are collaborating on a website to provide key giveaways and information regarding their forthcoming trip to the popular IWIN music producer workshop in Las Vegas in June. The website is a forum for students, teachers, family and friends to share their experiences in preparation for the workshop. Students will be using GarageBand, Logic Pro X, Cubase, Ableton Live, Logic Pro, Digital Performer and Sonar on their MacBook and PC to record, mix and master their performances at the workshop in an exciting music-making environment.

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