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[S7E11] The Things We Thought We Left Behind ^HOT^

We have to remember that Kensi has had Sayoc training, so she looks at things in a more logical, practical and analytical manner. Therefore, instead of freaking out because Deeks is a murderer, she understands the logic behind what he did. Both of them have killed in the line of duty, and Kensi would have seen it in that light.

[S7E11] The Things We Thought We Left Behind

Everybody minus Sheldon is together for a tree decorating Christmas party. Since Sheldon is absent, so are all of his tree decorating rules (including the required spacing of the ornaments.) Now, both Star Trek and Star Wars ornaments can now be on the same branches. The fact that Howard is enjoying trimming the Christmas tree might cause his mother to have a heart attack. Bernadette then takes the opportunity to photograph Howard trimming the tree. Penny is a little short of funds this year so her Christmas present is going to be giving him herself, which is what Leonard got last year and last night. Stuart then joins them as Amy's computer notifies her of an incoming video chat from Sheldon. He thinks that they are so thoughtful that they have a Christmas party after he left since he isn't into Christmas. His sister has been in labor for an hour and is having a home birth. Raj points out that many women want to give birth at home in a warm comfortable environment. Sheldon feels that she will also turn her bedroom into an "amniotic Slip and Slide." Sheldon then gets called away to have a family picture taken because his sister is Cervical dilationfully dilated and there is no blood yet.

Sheldon calls back from Texas saying that things are going better. His mother asked him to get some towels, so he left and went to "Bed, Bath and Beyond". Missy then screams while Sheldon is on the phone which he finds very rude. Amy has now diagramdiagrammed the absent Sheldon premise and tells Penny that she would never have met comic book legend Stan Lee. Howard would have always known Raj and Leonard. Leonard never got an apartment with Howard because of the latter's "serious relationship with his mother". Bernadette again mentions that if they had not met, he would still be living with his mother.

Different opinion are what keeps the conversations going. If we all thought the same we would just be agreeing with each other, over and over again. Not agreeing and bashing are two different things. If people bash you for contributing to the conversation, they need to grow up.Glad you posted!

Meanwhile, Worf enters Ten Forward, which is full of busy officers. He soon notices Troi, sitting at a table. He goes to sit with her and tells her that he wants to talk about Alexander. He begins to say that it has never been easy for him to have the child on board. He has tried to be a good father and to give Alexander guidance. However, his son has his own mind about things. Troi replies that most children do. Worf continues by explaining that he could not have brought Alexander up without her and that sometimes she is like a mother to his son. Troi happily replies "That's one of the nicest things anyone has ever said to me." Worf reminds her about how he once asked Troi to watch over Alexander when he thought he was going to die after the spinal injury. He asks if she would like to formalize it. He wants Troi to be Alexander's Soh-chIm, a surrogate mother. Troi tells that it would be a great honor for her. Worf says that the closest approximation for a Soh-chIm would be his stepsister. Troi playfully remarks that it would make her mother Worf's stepmother.

Lois goes to Queen Tower to confront Oliver. He doesn't seem surprised to see her. She slaps him across the face for breaking her heart and he tells her he prepared dinner for her because he knew she'd come. He says he missed her and holds her close. Lois tries to resist but Oliver tells her that she was all he thought about. As they are kissing, Lois sees a blonde woman standing on the balcony. Oliver pushes her to safety but the woman issues a scream that shatters all the glass in the apartment. Oliver is knocked out and Lois sees his Green Arrow gear hanging behind a wall. She realizes what it means just as the woman knocks her unconscious. She ties them up back-to-back. Lois is indignant and angry that Oliver never told her about his secret life, but her ranting is cut short by another blow from the woman. Oliver tries to discern why the woman is after him and she reveals that she is working to end his "terrorism". Oliver realizes that she is mistaken and tries to explain that he doesn't hurt people and Lex's factories aren't benign. She doesn't believe him and calls Lex on her phone. She tells him that she'll deliver the goods after the money transfer goes through.

Oliver is trying to clean up the mess in his loft when Lois comes to visit. She apologizes for her reaction to learning his secret. She tells him that she understands that he was trying to protect her. Oliver asks if she would consider trying to make their relationship work but Lois tearfully says that it would be impossible. She wouldn't be able to share him with the world and would wonder where he is every night. Later that night, Clark goes to visit Lois. Lois says she thought Grant would help her get over Ollie but she is still in love with him. Clark suggests they give it a chance, even if it is challenging. Lois explains that she always felt abandoned by her father's call of duty as a soldier first and a father second; she believes that she wouldn't be able to be with Oliver because she could not compete with his greater destiny and always be left behind. She begins to cry and Clark offers a comforting hug.

Acuna: Of course. I want to go back to the season seven finale real quick. Dwight left Daryl a little note on a sculpture. How did Dwight know someone would find that chess piece he left behind? And, of all people to find it, it was Daryl. Was he banking on that? 041b061a72

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