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The Life Of Pablo Buy _HOT_

"Feedback" features West responding to his critics with the lyric, "Name one genius that ain't crazy" to do so.[64] Raymer wrote the lyric is confirming the two frequent major criticisms of West "that he's an egomaniac and that he's mentally unwell".[63] God and his connection to spirituality are referenced within "Low Lights", with the vocals coming from an unknown woman delivering a sample of Sandy Rivera's performance on the a cappella version of "Save Me" by the duo Kings of Tomorrow.[62][70] West raps about the newfound fame and fortune in his life after marrying Kim Kardashian in "Highlights".[71] West uses sexually explicit lyrics to describe his fantasies and dreams on "Freestyle 4".[72] The interlude "I Love Kanye" features self-aware a cappella lyrics referencing West's changing public image.[58] The track "Waves" is "uplifting", including braggadocious lyrics mixed with those of a darker tone that reference death or the ending of relationships.[73] Within "FML", West raps about maintaining his loyalty to Kardashian, and the title stands for "Fuck My Life" as well as "For My Lady", as both phrases are mentioned in the song.[74] Raymer claimed that the lyric "You ain't never seen nothing crazier than this nigga when he off his Lexapro" is confirmation of West's major sources of criticism.[63] West touches on trust issues with his family on "Real Friends", which includes lyrics about a cousin blackmailing him.[64]

the life of pablo buy

West shows fear of possibly being viewed as a guilt-ridden son on "Wolves".[52] The song features the lyrics "Cover Nori in lamb's wool/We surrounded by/The fuckin wolves", used by West to offer an image of him and Kardashian as the biblical figures Mary and Joseph.[57] The interlude "Frank's Track" consists of Frank Ocean crooning depressing and dark lyrics.[38][75] American rapper Max B delivers a voicemail about "good vibes" on "Siiiiiiiiilver Surffffeeeeer Intermission", which is followed by fellow rapper French Montana blurting out the phrase "silver surfer" repeatedly on the interlude, until the phrase is repeated by Max B.[76] The song "30 Hours" includes West delivering the "real life commentary" that he has become known for.[77] West unapologetically declares his greatness in "No More Parties in LA", while fellow rapper Kendrick Lamar adds to the backdrop of the song.[78] "Facts (Charlie Heat Version)" is a Nike diss track that features West bragging about the success of his Yeezy shoes.[73] Forrest Wickman from Slate wrote that "Fade" is where "West, R&B singer-songwriter Ty Dolla Sign, and 'White Iverson' singer Post Malone alternate verses", with Wickman viewing the lyrics as being centered on "trying to hold on to a love that's fading".[73] West raps in a self-reflective way on "Saint Pablo", which also includes him rapping with political edge, humor, and a logically clear through-line.[1]

This hot button lyric appears to be both reference Nike's ties to underpaid foreign labor in their shoe manufacturing processes, as well as Nike's record lifetime endorsement contract with LeBron James.

While this may seem like one of the more memorable lines, I find the natural progression of the album presents an incredibly conflicted Christian wrapped up in his own pride, persona, and popular culture lifestyle aching to find his way to God.

Opening with "Ultralight Beam," "Father Stretch My Hands Pt. 1," and "Pt. 2," West explains his self-comparison to Paul the Apostle, from being struck blind by a heavenly light, to going forth and proclaiming the Word of God to the world, all the while feeling forever guilty for his past life of sin. His interspersed profanities and images of gluttony reveal that he knows he hasn't always been the most obedient Child of God. Still, He doesn't give up on West, so West won't give up on Him.

I'm not going to say he's a good Christian, but I think there is some truth to West's tweet, "This album is actually a Gospel album." We are given an introspective look at his thoughts on his three-sided life as Pablo and his persona as Kanye. In the flash of an enlightening "Ultralight Beam" we are fleetingly shown the heart and soul of Kanye West until the light begins to "Fade" and we carry on with our lives. Can we really ask for more? 041b061a72

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