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How to Defend Your Kingdom from the Greed in Kingdom Two Crowns APK

Kingdom Two Crowns: A Minimalist Strategy Game with a Pixel Art Aesthetic

If you are looking for a strategy game that is simple yet deep, relaxing yet challenging, and beautiful yet minimalist, you might want to check out Kingdom Two Crowns. This is a side-scrolling micro strategy game that lets you play as a monarch who builds and defends their kingdom from the greedy creatures that want to steal your coins and crown. You can also explore new lands, recruit loyal subjects, discover new mounts, and uncover secrets in this atmospheric and immersive game.

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Kingdom Two Crowns is available on various platforms, including Windows, Linux, MacOS, iOS, Android, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. You can download it from Steam, Google Play Store, App Store, or your preferred console store. The game costs $19.99 on Steam and $6.99 on mobile devices. The DLCs are either free or cost $6.99 depending on the content.


The gameplay of Kingdom Two Crowns is simple but addictive. You control your monarch with a few keys or buttons, depending on your device. You can move left or right, drop coins or gems, or pay for something. You can also run or gallop with your mount by double-tapping or holding down a key or button.

Your main goal is to build and expand your kingdom by hiring peasants, building walls and towers, creating farms and workshops, upgrading your camp, and buying weapons and tools for your subjects. You also need to protect your kingdom from the Greed, which are dark creatures that attack at night and try to steal your coins and crown. If you lose all your coins or your crown, you will lose the game.

You can also explore new environments by traveling to different islands on a boat. Each island has its own biome, layout, resources, challenges, and secrets. You can find new mounts that have different abilities and speeds, such as horses, deer, bears, griffins, unicorns, dragons, etc. You can also find hidden statues that grant you special buffs or unlock new features.

You can play Kingdom Two Crowns solo or co-op with a friend. The co-op mode allows you to work together locally or online in split-screen or tabletop mode. You can share coins and resources, help each other build and defend your kingdom, or explore different parts of the map.

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Kingdom Two Crowns has many features that make it stand out from other strategy games. Here are some of them:

  • The game has a minimalist feel wrapped in a beautiful pixel art aesthetic. The graphics are colorful and detailed, creating a contrast between the bright and dark elements of the game. The sound effects and music are also atmospheric and immersive, enhancing the mood and tone of the game.

  • The game has a brand-new campaign mode that lets you build a kingdom that stands over time until you find a way to defeat the Greed for good. You can travel between islands without losing your progress or achievements. You can also secure an island by destroying all the portals that spawn the Greed.

  • The game has different settings and biomes that offer different gameplay experiences. In addition to the traditional medieval setting, Kingdom Two Crowns has different settings and biomes that offer different gameplay experiences. In addition to the traditional medieval setting, Kingdom Two Crowns also features a feudal Japan setting, a dark fantasy setting, and a Norse Viking setting. Each setting has its own art style, music, units, enemies, mounts, and secrets. You can switch between settings by building a portal at the edge of your kingdom.

  • The game has new technology, units, enemies, mounts, and secrets that add more depth and variety to the gameplay. For example, you can build catapults, ballistas, bomb towers, bakeries, iron mines, and more. You can also recruit pikemen, ninjas, ronin, horn blowers, and more. You can also face new types of Greed, such as flying ones, armored ones, and giant ones. You can also ride new mounts, such as dogs, wolves, lizards, phoenixes, and more. You can also find new secrets, such as hermits, gems, chests, and more.

  • The game has DLCs available for the game that add even more content and features to the game. For example, the Dead Lands DLC adds a new dark fantasy setting inspired by the Bloodstained series. It also adds four new playable characters from the Bloodstained series: Miriam, Zangetsu, Gebel, and Alfred. The Norse Lands DLC adds a new Norse Viking setting inspired by Norse mythology. It also adds new abilities drawn from the Norse gods, new units, new armaments, new puzzles, and new Greed.


Kingdom Two Crowns is a highly praised game by critics and players alike. It has received positive reviews for its simple yet deep gameplay, its beautiful pixel art graphics and music, its co-op mode, its different settings and biomes, and its new features and content. It has also received some criticism for its slow pace, its limited interaction, its bugs and glitches, and its lack of tutorial and guidance.

Here are some ratings and reviews from different sources:


Metacritic85/100 (Switch)"Kingdom Two Crowns is the best game Ive ever played in over 30 years. A genuine masterpiece of design, animation, and sound."

Nintendo Life7.5/10 (Switch)"Kingdom Two Crowns is a well presented, brilliantly simple strategy game that makes some smart changes to allow more players to get involved."

TheXboxHub4/5 (Xbox One)"Kingdom Two Crowns is an addictive, deep and satisfying strategy game disguised as a 2D side-scroller."

Push Square7/10 (PS4)"Kingdom Two Crowns is a simple strategy game that stands out from other strategy games."

OpenCritic84/100 (Average)"Kingdom Two Crowns is a little jewel. A pleasure in terms of exploration, survival and management that can be fully played in cooperation."

Here are some tips and tricks to master the game:

  • Chop the forest carefully. Trees provide habitats for animals that you can hunt for coins. However, chopping down trees also creates open grassland for rabbit dens to spawn. Rabbits are easier to hunt than deer or boar. Find a balance between forest and grassland to maximize your income.

  • Prepare for winter. Winter is coming in Kingdom Two Crowns, and it will make your life harder. Crops will die, animals will disappear, and coins will be scarce. To survive winter, you need to stock up on coins before it arrives. You can do this by building bakeries to attract more peasants who will generate coins for you.

  • Use statues wisely. Statues in Kingdom Two Crowns are unlike statues in the previous games, they are not permanent and they require gems to activate. Gems are rare and precious resources that you can find in chests, caves, or by destroying portals. Statues can give you various benefits, such as stronger walls, faster archers, or more knights. However, they only last for a limited number of days, and you need to pay gems again to reactivate them. Use statues only when you need them, and don't waste gems on statues that you don't need.

  • Upgrade your boat. Your boat is your ticket to travel between islands and explore new lands. However, your boat is also vulnerable to damage from the Greed and the sea. If your boat sinks, you will lose all your progress and have to start over. To prevent this, you need to upgrade your boat by paying coins at the dock. Upgrading your boat will make it more durable and faster, and also allow you to carry more people and resources with you.

Use the lighthouse. The lighthouse is a new feature in Kingdom Two Crowns that allows you to return to an island without losing your progress there. The lighthouse is located at the edge of each island, opposite to the dock. You

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