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Microsoft Sculpt Mobile Mouse User Manual

The Microsoft Sculpt Mobile Mouse is a solid value for the price, at least for Windows users. A four-way click wheel, a Windows-specific Start button, and basic customization options make it a nice choice for mouse users on the go. It's not going to impress you with battery-saving features like the tiny Logitech M515 Couch Mouse, or hyperscrolling like the Editors' Choice Microsoft Touch Mouse, but it is cheaper and gives you what you want from a mouse as well as a little more bang for your buck.

Microsoft Sculpt Mobile Mouse User Manual

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Click to EnlargeThough there are plenty of ways to access the Windows 8 Start Screen using just one action, the Microsoft Sculpt Mobile Mouse provides a compelling option for users who don't want to teach for the keyboard or screen. For under $30, the sleek wireless mouse provides accurate navigation and is light enough to fit into even the smallest bag, making it an ideal companion for your Windows 8 laptop.

using the microsoft sculpt mobile mouse, by downloading the Mouse and Keyboard Center , i can rebind the mouse keys, but the WINDOWS key i can't change it, and that is the only key i may(and want) to rebind because i have it (twice) on the keyboard, and i can't find an option to change it, am i missing something? Or is there any way to bypass this limitation

I'm running the Dell laptop under Windows Pro 10. I have tried several times without success to pair the MS Sculpt Mobile Keyboard with the E6440. I've downloaded the most recent 64-bit driver I can find but to no effect. I got a "couldn't connect" message in Settings on the laptop each time I tried. I wonder if I should have downloaded a 32-bit driver. A MS mobile mouse is paired with the laptop. So why not the MS keyboard?Anyway, any advice or assistance in pairing the two would be appreciated.

Keyboards are not bluetooth devices so they are not paired. They come with a usb receiver to connect to computer. Why are you using an external wireless keyboard on a 10 yr old laptop? Wireless KBs are better for desktop computers. You should already have downloaded the Mouse and KB Center 11 for the mouse unless the mouse is not the same version as the KB. -us/d/sculpt-comfort-keyboard

Enjoy fast and reliable wireless control of your laptop cursor with this Flame Red Microsoft Sculpt mobile wireless mouse. BlueTrack technology enables use on multiple surfaces, while the compact design allows safe transportation for on-the-road use. This Microsoft Sculpt mobile wireless mouse features a 4-way scroll wheel that offers multidirectional navigation for comfort during operation.

The Windows button on Sculpt Mobile Mouse is an exciting new feature that operates seamlessly with Windows 8. Simply press the Windows logo to instantly view the Start screen and access all of your favorite apps, just one click away. The perfect travel companionWhether you're editing a presentation or connecting with friends online, Sculpt Mobile Mouse is a comfortable, familiar companion for your modern, mobile lifestyle. Its compact design and BlueTrack technology, which works on virtually any surface, make it the ideal device for the office or on the go. Enjoy a clutter-free workspace at your desk or on your coffee table with this wireless, mini-USB connected mouse.

Either way, Microsoft mouse owners are better off installing the update. If Windows automatic updates are enabled, the patch will be downloaded and installed automatically. Users who have their OS configured for manual updates can install the fix by following instructions provided by Microsoft in a knowledge base article. 350c69d7ab

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