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She interviewed and held focus groups with seven randomly selected, black male students from a North Central Florida high school, all with different backgrounds: some came from stable families and others came from living situations that would make graduating high school seem like an insurmountable feat.

Understanding and addressing the barriers that young Black men face in education can yield efforts to support their success not only as students but as teachers. Establishing an inclusive and encouraging space where young Black boys can flourish in school can promote a more inviting place for Black male teachers to shine. Young Black boys who see educators that resemble them are positively impacted in areas of academic performance and personal growth. Young Black boys being introduced to mentors that understand and relate to them is instrumental during their formative years, as they can witness Black men succeeding in the face of adversity. An increased presence of Black male teachers in education is not the sole solution for the troubles and oppression that young Black boys face in education. However, they are a valuable asset to the education system, as well as the lives of students who benefit from their existence.

While this accusation does not reckon with the possibility that Sandy Stone probably had just as much need for a space for women as those who were assigned female at birth, it does give us an insight into the difficulty a vulnerable group may have in welcoming a perceived outsider into the fold who might, even unintentionally, replicate dynamics that are not in synch with a separatist ideal.

Later that year, on September 24, 2007, the Missoula Police Department (MPD) obtained a search warrant for a motel room that was being used as a staging area for the use and distribution of heroin. An informant had advised the MPD that on September 19, 2007, several people had purchased $250 worth of heroin from a female at the motel. Joined by officers assigned to the High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area (HIDTA) Task Force, the officers entered the motel room and discovered two males and a female. One of the males was identified as STEVEN PETERS. The other male was a relative of his. A search of the room revealed syringes, both used and unused. One syringe was "charged," meaning that it had been filled with heroin for later use. The color of the liquid in the charged syringe was the same color as Black Tar heroin. Officers also discovered several small plastic bags which had been torn into small pieces. The heroin common in the Missoula area had viscous properties - being sticky and adhesive - and must be packaged in plastic to prevent absorption into the container. Officers also located a digital scale - commonly used for weighing out small measures of narcotics - on a table in the motel room. The male occupant was interviewed and admitted that he had used heroin in the past, but denied active use. He identified STEVEN PETERS as a distributor of heroin. He indicated that STEVEN PETERS had become involved with heroin after visiting his uncle in Tacoma.

The following year, on May 6, 2008, MICHAEL PETERS was arrested in Missoula. At the time of his arrest, he was in possession of small amounts of methamphetamine and marijuana and drug paraphernalia. MICHAEL PETERS and his female companion in the vehicle agreed to cooperate with agents of the HIDTA. The two provided substantial information about others involved in the drug trade in the Missoula area.

Later in 2008, the MPD received information that MICHAEL PETERS was distributing heroin which he was obtaining from a source in Washington. On October 10, 2008, his vehicle was stopped in Missoula. MICHAEL PETERS, his brother DAVID PETERS, and the woman he had been traveling with when arrested in May were in the car. A search of the vehicle revealed a blue metal container which held three individually wrapped packages of Black Tar heroin. MICHAEL admitted at the scene that DAVID had supplied the heroin found in the car. That fact was confirmed by the female occupant of the car.

On January 15, 2009, a search warrant was executed at which time MICHAEL and DAVID PETERS and were arrested. Officers found MICHAEL PETERS holding a syringe and appeared to be attempting to empty its contents. The syringe was filled with a black substance consistent with the color of Black Tar heroin. Another "charged" syringe was also discovered. A safe located under the bed was found to contain packaging material and marijuana. Officers also found a digital scale and in a box of men's clothing, a small white case which itself contained a smaller blue case. Inside of the blue container an agent found a chunk of Black Tar heroin (28+ grams). Next to the box of clothes was a woman's purse with four syringes and needles in the bottom. Two of the syringes were filled with a black colored substance consistent with heroin.

In DAVID PETERS' room, officers discovered a small black case containing two baggies which each held smaller plastic packages of a black substance later determined to be heroin. The bag also contained a syringe and a spoon, both common implements for the use of heroin. The officers found that the two plastic bags contained 52 one-half gram doses of heroin. Half gram amounts are the common street sale units of distribution in the heroin trade. 041b061a72

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