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Michael Belyakov
Michael Belyakov

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Promoting and recommending LiLash is a no brainer. Firstly it works and when clients see it for themselves we gain even more trust and loyalty. Secondly as a business LiLash brings me business to my online shop and in salon. Who doesn't want new clients...

Your story is exactly like mine. I first bought from an eBay seller for about the same amount as you. After receiving it and starting to use it, I got an email from eBay explaining the seller had been removed from eBay for selling counterfeit lilash. I decided to look elsewhere online since we can no longer buy from lilash in the US. I bought mine on overstock. Authentic. My real and fake match your photos exactly. I've been using the real for about two weeks, haven't noticed much yet but slight lengthening.

Hi bailey I have just got my lilash and see its exactly the same serial no as yours and the same no at the bottom !! Just wondered how you got on using yours and if it is fake ? What were your results ?

Lilash changes its packaging quite often, some box are stamped and some are not. Depends on the date it was manufactured. In July of 2014 Lilash changed the box and the tube.(Black Box) Its always safe to buy Lilash direct from there web-site, most the Lilash on e-bay is fake. Bonanza is a great cosmetic discount web-site with amazing deals! My friend purchased son lilash off e-bay and you can tell the difference between real and fake, the packaging and tube are made very cheap. E-Bay is a horrible web-site to purchase any goods......BUYER BEWARE OF E-BAY don't get scammed!

Make sure to only purchase Lilash in the Black Box it was released a couple months ago from Lilash.They no longer manufacture the purple is a link to what Authentic Lilash looks like -us/lilash/I found mine on for a great price!

I just bought lilash off of bonanza and it's real. I got a great deal, but one get one free for $25. I've been using lilash for years, so I was skeptical about the price. However, it's completely real! Works perfectly too.

After comparing pics on here, I realized the lilash I got off bonanza is fake. From the box, it looks real, completely sealed in plastic with the holographic stickers on top and bottom. Imprinted L09 1202907 on box. Once I opened it though, I quickly realized it was fake by the bottle. The metal band is slimmer than the real one that I have. Purified eyelash serum is written smaller. There is a stamped 12234 on bottom, and the actual applicator brush is large and fake looking. I'm not happy. Bonanza does not always sell real things. The real brush should be very small and pointy. Fake ones are long.

I was t street if I had the real thing, after buying one from ebay (not that cheap though) so after not seeing much difference in one eye (yes, just one) I bought it straight from lilash and imported it to Aust. There are some small differences in the tubes, quite minor, but when it come to tees mid rather get things from reputable webpages. Fingers crossed.

The only downside about this product is the price! It is very expensive in New Zealand!!! Farmer's have stopped stocking it and i refuse to pay $200NZD so have been sourcing it much cheaper online. When doing this though be very careful to make sure you're buying genuine LiLash and not the fake product. There are alot of fake products out there so make sure to do study first about genuine products so you know what to look for. One indicator is:- genuine LiLash says "serum" where fake ones will use words such as "simulator". Just be very careful and make sure you're doing your research prior to purchase because it can be very hard to tell between the two and the fake products can make your lashes fall out!!!!

I always used to have lovely long lashes and got lots of comments on them (are they real etc.!) and they used to be so long they'd hit my sunnies when I blinked - however after a few rounds of eyelash extensions they'd really suffered, and were patchy, much shorter, and not as lustrous as they had been. Enter LiLash! I bought it when the warehouse had an online deal - previously the price had been a bit offputting. I didn't expect much, but it totally exceeded expectations and my lashes were full, long and gorgeous within a couple of weeks! I started off using it daily but after seeing super fast results dropped back to every couple or few days, and even a bit sporadically. My lashes are now back to their best and LiLash is the reason. Love it!!!! 041b061a72

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