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Learnerships In Durban [VERIFIED]

The learnerships took place in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban over the last two years, and upon completion, the groups have received qualifications that allow them to operate in call centres. The learners have earned a monthly stipend, based on attendance, and this also proved crucial to their own sense of self-worth and development.

Learnerships In Durban

Step-In is an online portal which enables our hosting partners to load available job opportunities within their organisations. Filling these positions gives the Hosting Partner an opportunity to host young people currently on learnerships with Edge Training.

Most learnerships in this field are for a 12-month period, although, some may even run for 24-months. The period will depend on the company and the career field. Below we have a list of the learnership fields mostly found in logistics learnerships.

Speaking at the same occasion, ISETT SETA chief executive Oupa Mopaki said he believed learnerships were a truly effective way of achieving training objectives, providing the quality of workplace training was assured and there was a direct link between companies` training and skills needs to ensure employment opportunities.

"Business Connexion agrees with the ISETT SETA that learnerships are an effective way of delivering skills and training, but that the emphasis should not be on achieving targets, but on providing quality workplace training and experience," said Mophatlane. 041b061a72

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