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Girl Has Sex With Elephant

In elephants, males and females have an identical anogenital distance, which means that the amount of physical space between the anus and the penis (or penile-clitoris) is exactly the same. Moreover, males have no scrotum, which is usually a handy way to determine maleness in mammals that have retractable penises. However, social context in elephants does provide fairly reliable information about the sex of individuals. Adult female elephants are never without a group, whereas adult males are never part of one (unless a male is copulating with a female). Females live together with other females and offspring, and when males reach sexual maturity, they are evicted and forced to live as solitary individuals or as part of small bachelor pods. When a female is in oestrus (which is rare, approximately two to three days every four years), an adult male is permitted entry into the group for copulation purposes only.

girl has sex with elephant

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Before movies like Bridesmaids and Girls Trip proved that women breaking bad could lead to box office gold, Cameron Diaz, Christina Applegate and Selma Blair came together for 2002's The Sweetest Thing. Though it starred Hollywood's golden girl, this wasn't your grandparents' rom-com, rather it was a raunchy romp featuring a glory hole and a musical number about penises written by South Park veteran Nancy Pimental. Think Nancy Meyers gone wild.

Diaz and Applegate starred as best friends who embark on a wild road trip after Christina (Diaz) meets her potential soul mate at a club. Hijinks, including movie montage-inspired makeovers, a penis piercing-induced medical emergency and the aforementioned purple elephant costume, ensue.

The response to The Sweetest Thing after its April 12 debut was anything but, with critics panning the crass and campy movie and audiences failing to show up at the box office. But in the past 20 years, it has amassed a cult following, with Diaz telling Entertainment Weekly in 2018 that people still approach her about The Sweetest Thing.

2. A hot commodity, there was a bidding war for the screenplay with Sony ultimately landing it, "But there was an executive over at Universal who was really bummed out she didn't get it," Pimental told EW. "She sent me this congratulatory basket of cookies that were in the shape of penises and boobs."

"I think I got my part by default because nobody wanted to go in and have a penis [stuck in their mouth]," Blair said. "All their agents were like, 'No, you will not be cast with a penis caught in your mouth.' I was like, 'It's Cameron Diaz and Christina Applegate, are you f--king kidding me? Yes, I will have a penis in my mouth!' I really do think I was cast by default."

"That was one of Roger's glorious brain farts," Blair said. "He was like, 'This scene needs something. Those girls are having such a great time. What's a great time for you?' Animal sex! It was really absurd. I remember being really comfortable. It was so cozy."

8. While it has been reported for years that Pimental's friendship with Grey's Anatomy star Kate Walsh was the inspiration for the movie, the writer clarified the rumor in 2018. Pimental explained that she and the actress met while waitressing together, forming a group of friends that "were running around town and partying at these different clubs and just owning our womanhood," she said. "I just thought, 'God, there's not an example of this sort of girl posse where we're more like guys.' Yeah, we decide if we want to give you a fake number or not kind of thing. There wasn't this empowerment, I guess, or this example of it. Anyway, that's really how it started."

10. Pimental revealed that the song was initially going to be about gonorrhea when she set out to write a spec script to get noticed, telling EW, "I don't know, it just was inspired because I wanted this celebratory female, here we are and here's how we deal with the penis song."

11. The woman who comes into the laundromat with schoolchildren as Blair's character is trying to drop off an, um, soiled item of clothing was Applegate's mom, Nancy Priddy. "That was so ridiculous. I turned beet red," Blair admitted to EW. "I cringed a lot. I can't watch that."

"It was one of those things that I had never done something quite that far," Applegate said. "I realized in that moment that I am as crass as anyone, and I did the thing with my tongue, miming eating someone out, and I was like, 'Oh my God, who am I? I'm discovering so much about myself right now. I am severely disgusting and loving every second of it!' I don't think, up until that point, I had said the word p--sy in my whole life, and I think after that I haven't stopped saying it. It was a true awakening for me."

15. Pimental told EW in 2018 that she would be interested in writing a sequel, with the main trio also saying they would be game to reprise their roles. "They should do The Sweetest Thing: The Geriatric Years," Applegate joked. "I'd come out of a retirement for it, too." A since-retired Diaz added, "I'd do it."

A handy gadget they never thought they needed? An electric wine opener. Struggling to open a corked wine bottle will never be a thing again with this easy-to-use device that works with just a push of a button. (Bonus: It even comes with its own foil cutter!)

Daisy Maldonado covers all things trending. She frequently writes about her favorite fashion pieces, beauty brands, wellness products, and digital culture. When she's not writing, you can almost certainly find her shopping or obsessing over celebrity news. Her favorite item in her closet? A Harry Styles Love On Tour sweatshirt. Daisy's work has appeared on Refinery29, The Daily Beast, E! News, Allure and more. Keep up with all of her chaotic travels, NYC life and shopping hauls on her Instagram.

In Western patriarchal culture, female pleasure has historically been regarded as threatening, and so, any woman who recklessly pursues it must also be a threat, something to be tamed, controlled and neutralised. Nice guys might finish last, but fun girls get finished off. From Eve in the Garden of Eden to Lindsay Lohan going out on the town, a girl doing as she pleases typically portends a fall from grace.

I have always found this cultural trope to be unbearably unfair. Why should men have all the fun, while girls are warned to watch their language, their behaviour, their drinks? In my postlapsarian state, trying to have as much fun as possible seems to be one of the only good uses of my time. To put it simply, life is short and parties are great.

[12] Diagnosing a female homosexual patient, Freud says "[a]fter her disappointment [with her father], therefore, this girl had entirely repudiated her wish for a child, the love of a man, and womanhood altogether. . . . She changed into a man, and took her mother in place of her father as her love-object" ("The Psychogenesis of a Case of Homosexuality in a Woman," in Sexuality and the Psychology of Love, ed. Philip Reiff, trans. Joan Riviere (Collier Books, 1920). See page 144.

Traditionally, the forest and savanna elephants have been classified as subspecies of the same species. But numerous distinctions have been noted. For example, forest elephants live in family groups of just a few animals, whereas savanna elephant family groups number about ten and often congregate in groups of 70 or so.

The savanna elephant tips the scales at up to seven tons and stands a full meter (3.3 feet) taller at the shoulder than the African forest elephant, which lives in equatorial forests of central and western Africa.

But that limited interbreeding isn't evidence that the two elephant types are from the same species, he said. It's just an example of interspecies hybridization, relatively common in the animal world, ha added.

The key to the new discovery was some "cold case" genetics work on ancient, extinct elephant relatives: the woolly mammoth and the mastodon. The mastodon's nuclear genome, in particular, was sequenced for the first time for the study.

If Africa's elephants are from two distinct species, then each has a smaller population than previously believed. In this case, forest elephants may be of particular concern, because far less is known about their population status. Their numbers may prove small enough to garner additional protections.

The calf is the first elephant born at the Columbus Zoo in almost 10 years and the first to be born at the Zoo as a result of artificial insemination. Mother, Phoebe, is a 31-year-old Asian elephant who came to the Zoo in January 2002. While Phoebe has had the opportunity to breed with Hank, a 30-year-old male elephant at the Columbus Zoo, the attempts were unsuccessful and she was also artificially inseminated with sperm from Hank and a male from another zoo. The father of the calf is not yet known and will be determined through a DNA test with results expected in the coming weeks. Artificial insemination enables an elephant to be impregnated at her most fertile time. While still a relatively rare procedure for elephants, attempts to artificially inseminate elephants are becoming more frequent in an effort to bolster the numbers of endangered elephants, whose populations are rapidly declining in their native range.

To provide Phoebe and her new baby with time to continue developing a strong bond, they will remain in a behind-the-scenes area. The Zoo will announce viewing information for guests as it becomes available. Additionally, in conjunction with a donor, the public will have an opportunity to help name the calf. Details will be announced at a later date.

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