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[S1E3] Haunted By The Past !FULL!

In Episode 3, 'Forgive Us Our Trespasses', fans get a closer look at Del Harris (Jeff Daniels) and the demons of his past that plague him. But, unfortunately, he isn't the only one haunted by what now seems like a distant memory, as Billy (Alex Neustaedter) copes with losing Lee (Julia Mayorga) yet again while Issac (David Alvarez) tries to move on with his own life.

[S1E3] Haunted by the Past

This piece of advice is something Billy takes to heart and attempts to pull his life together, even going as far as to apply for a coaching job. While Billy and Lee's relationship meets its end, Grace (Maura Tierney) and Harris seem to be rekindling their romance. She eventually confronts him about why he came to Buell and he reveals a dark incident from his past. He was working on a case regarding a minor, where an English teacher sexually assaulted an eight-year-old child. The teacher was taken to court, but when the child had to testify, he froze. This resulted in the teacher walking away a free man, despite the shocking evidence. A few angered cops, including Harris, decided to take matters into their own hands and murdered the teacher in the name of justice. However, the incident continues to weigh heavy on Harris.

Melumad's score for the scenes in the library as the ion storm increases in intensity and the plasma entities are spotted builds to a blast of trumpets reminiscent of the best haunted mysteries of classic television.

That night, Yuki and Yuno buy an umbrella when it starts raining and walk home. Meanwhile, Minene hides out from the police, ditching her gothic lolita dress, and is haunted by her past when her family were killed during a tour of the Middle East, caused by war conflict. Minene tries to escape the police but her hiding places continue to be compromised. A mysterious man, Yomotsu Hirasaka, appears and takes Minene to his log cabin. He gives Minene some medicine, but he has actually drugged her. Minene collapses, Yomotsu snapping his finger and reveals Minene's diary is a piece of wood, explaining she was hypnotized. Yomotsu himself is revealed to be wearing a mask and a spandex suit. Unable to move, Minene can only watch as Yomotsu questions her about Yuki as he pulls out her punctured eye.

If walls could talk what would they say? In Napier, New Zealand there is a stone building that seems to speak volumes. From the disembodied voices of orphaned children, to those of the wildly insane to famous serial killers Napier, New Zealand is home to one of the most haunted spots in New Zealand.

Napier Prison was constructed in 1862 upon a large hill overlooking the town of Napier on the northern island. It was in operation since then and decommissioned in 1993 where today it stands as a historical landmark offering tours into its dark past.

The last time Obi-Wan saw Anakin Skywalker was the fateful duel in which he chopped his apprentice into bits and left him melting on the side of a volcano. Obi-Wan was appalled by Anakin's dreadful deeds in the Clone Wars, and when they meet again in this new episode he's given a clear picture of what kind of guy Anakin is now. As we see Darth Vader assembled from machine parts, Ben is haunted by memories of Yoda and Qui-Gon Jinn -- who stubbornly refuse to show up and offer support -- as well as the taunting voice of Reva. 041b061a72

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