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Val X Love

Ever since he was a child, Takuma Akutsu had a scary face. He was shunned by his classmates and only attracted bad attention, such as the likes of gangsters and thugs. As a result, he developed social anxiety, unable to properly converse with people. This fact and his scary face only proceeded to exacerbate his bad reputation and he was known as a demon. One day, Takuma saves Natsuki and receives a revelation from Odin, the lord of Asgard, that the world will end soon and that it is on Takuma's shoulders to save the world. To help him with his mission, Odin sends his nine daughters, the nine Valkyries, down to Midgard/Earth. Odin then gives him his mission: he is to prove that love will save the world as it is said that the source of a maiden's strength is love.

Val x Love

Takuma Akutsu is not an attractive guy. In fact, his hulking size and ugly face have earned him the nickname "demon", which is ironic since all he really wants is to be left alone. But you know who never pays attention to what people want? The King of the Gods, Odin, who decides that Takuma is the one person who can save Earth from complete destruction. As a result, Takuma finds his school, class and home all infiltrated by Odin's nine luscious Valkyrie daughters and, in order to become the Army of One that Odin seeks, Takuma has to use love to forge the Valkyrie's maidenly powers into the ultimate force for saving the world. Yeah, no pressure there, right? Can Takuma man up and ride all nine Valkyries to save the Earth? Find out in VAL X LOVE!

THE DARKNESS RISES!High school love is hard enough all on its own, and for Rito, it happens to involve the gorgeous princesses of a galactic empire, interstellar assassins, a ghost-girl, and that's

Two months after the initial announcement in May, the official website for the forthcoming TV anime adaptation of Ryosuke Asakura's "room share love action" manga Val x Love has started streaming a 30-second teaser PV introducing its character visuals and main staff. The clip also confirms that the anime is set to premiere on AT-X, Tokyo MX, Sun TV, and BS 11 in October 2019.

In Val x Love, Akutsu Takuma has a ridiculously scary face that makes him an outsider to the rest of the world. Everyone thinks he is a monster. The way that people treat him has led to Akutsu growing a fear of humans. Fortunately (Or unfortunately?) for Akutsu, Odin has decided that he needs to help nine valkyries fight real monsters. The nine valkyries are girls who all live with him, and they gain power by falling in love with him.

Ai Shiratori is your average junior high school student with a crush on a boy, Hikaru Kamishiro. With a love so rampant and true, and an imagination as wild as any girl's Ai sometimes has rather... ecchi dreams. But none of those dreams could ever prepare her for the reality that came to her in the form of the Archangel Raphael. You see, Hikaru Kamishiro is not your average boy. Hell has plans for him and Heaven isn't about to let those plans come to fruit. While Hell sends their Hell's Apostles to get Hikaru to commit the seven deadly sins and drag him into hell, Heaven sends their secret weapon: Ai. What is Ai's mission? Nothing short of consummating her love with her beloved Hikaru... but wait by consummating you mean... sex?! Can Ai handle the Archangel's request and save her true love?

Manaka Junpei is an average guy who has only two dreams in life: to become a filmmaker and to find the girl of his dreams. Luckily for him, after a chance encounter on the roof of the school, he has a lead on the girl! She was wearing strawberry panties. Unfortunately, he can't figure out which one of the five girls chasing him it was; but he gets plenty of chances to find out the color-of-the-day in his Cinderella search for his one true love!

Since I was there most of the time, the hospital schedule did give me scattered periods of socializing. Friendships blossomed but were often short-lived though intense and rarely forgotten. One lovely couple, whose daughter, hospitalized for observation, spent an overnight in the room with Valerie and left their portable TV set for Val to use. We had their address but they never asked for our telephone number or where we lived; they simply trusted us to get it back to them when Val was discharged. Ed returned the set as soon as we got home to New Jersey.

For the fourth time in my life, I fell in love counting one husband, two kids and now a sorry-looking purebred who promptly became an indispensable member of our household despite his dangling tongue and the never-before-stated, but definitely benighted, bathroom manners. 041b061a72

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