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Michael Belyakov
Michael Belyakov

Stardock WindowBlinds (BY GETG... !!EXCLUSIVE!!

We require that you utilize our technical support services prior to issuinga refund. Tech support is available at within 30 days of a stand-alone application's purchase.(Object Desktop subscribers have support during their subscription.) If it is determinedthat your problems cannot be rectified, technical support will instruct you on howto receive a full refund. Do not contact sales about a full refund without firstcontacting technical support. Sales will not fully refund your sale without an RMAfrom technical support. We do not charge for technical support.

Stardock WindowBlinds (BY GETG...

Download File:

If you are not willing to work with technical support on any problems you are having,or request a refund even if you are not having problems using the software, we willissue a partial refund of 75%. To receive a partial refund, please email

If you have made errors entering your personal information on our order form, pleasesend an email to Do not reorder.We will not provide full refunds for duplicate orders under these circumstances.

Your IP address and number of activation attempts will also be logged. There arereasonable limits on how often you can activate a given product to help deter piracy,but for most users, this limit will not be reached. If you have difficulties, pleasecontact

I installed the windowblinds trial last friday so I should be on day 8 of the 30 day trial (as with IconPacker I installed the same day), I used it fine for the weekend I didnt login to vista again until this morning.

Today when I logged in to vista the theme was all messed up with window borders missing, Dialog windows appearing all black etc... I managed to restore vista to the default aero theme but when I try to load windowblinds I get this error:

This is the first time windowblinds or any other stardock product is on my PC and as I said in my first post I downloaded windowblinds along with IconPacker and while IconPacker is still on the 9 of 30 days trial, windowblinds expired

In any case, I uninstalled windowblinds (and IconPacker just in case they shared any files) I ran CCleaner, restarted the computer, downloaded the file again and tried to install, again the same problem 041b061a72

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